Team Alpha Bata

Do you want to make money in the supplement industry? Well you can! Our system uses what we call O.G. points that you can use toward purchases. Help spread the news and become part of team Alpha Bata to earn points that you can use towards merchandise. 

Ways To Earn Points

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Sign up10 O.G. Points
Place an order20 O.G. Points
Follow on Instagram20 O.G. Points
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Share on Twitter20  O.G. Points
Celebrate A Birthday50  O.G. Points

Every 50 O.G. Points = 1

Refer friends and get cash!

  •  You Get $3 off!
  •  They Get $3 off!

Join Today

Joining is free and you instantly get 10 points! Your going to tell everyone about Alpha Bata anyways, so why not make money in the process. Signing up takes about 2 seconds and it's free! If you already have an Alpha Bata account there is no need to sighn up, simply use your current account. The crown icon on the bottom left corner is your Team Alpha Bata Hub. This is where you can keep track of your points and redeem them! Join Today! Unleash your alpha!