Is Alpha Bata O.G. Natural? 

yes our pre-workout is made with all natural flavoring and no artificial flavoring.

How long does it take to kick in? 

We have noticed our product kicks in immediately at about 25% and then takes about 45 min to 1 hour to fully kick in at 100%.

Why is there only 1 flavor? 

We are a small company right now so we only have 1 flavor however we plan on expanding our product line drastically with your help.

What is different about Alpha Bata? 

We have spent years testing homemade formulas on our selves and have come up with the ultimate formula by taking bits and pieces of every pre-workout we liked and the correct clinical doses.

Am i getting my money's worth? 

Absolutely. We strongly believe we are the best pre-workout ever created and our product will speak for itself. We offer 33 grams in Brutal Beast, which is the most in a pre-workout yet. Not to mention our woman's version is the most advanced woman's pre-workout to date.

What is the O.G. Blend? 

The O.G. blend is our proprietary blend. We know propitiatory blends are generally a negative thing. However, we believe our blend is so good that we had to conceal the amount of ingredients, so other companies couldn't copy our formula. It's like a secret recipe. Try it for yourself, and you'll see why we kept it secret.

How long is shipping? 

Shipping varies by product. However, our pre-workout, beard oil and blender bottles generally take 2 days and our clothing generally takes about 5-10 days.